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Maricel Patua Lutian Thanks! i got mine. ;) but only 350 Cash
20 minutes ago •

Aanomita Hossain i got it hahaha! i want more!!!!
16 minutes ago •
FBGames me i get 5,930 Cash..
15 minutes ago •
Jackelie L. Millan ‎???? how to unlock ?
13 minutes ago Like
Maricel Patua Lutian tnx for this haha! :P
12 minutes ago • Like

Maricel Patua Lutian @jackie just complete 1 short survey like i did..
6 minutes ago • Like
April Short-Williamson Congrats Marciel...gonna share this to my friends
5 minutes agoLike

Maricel Patua Lutian thanks April ;)
2 minutes ago